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Meta: Reflective altruism

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1. Introducing Reflective altruism

I have learned a great deal since I started this blog. One thing I learned is that the blog had the wrong name. The previous name, “Ineffective altruism”, said what I am against rather than what I am for, and was perhaps needlessly provocative.

This blog is now Reflective altruism. Striving for reflective altruism means, among other things:

  • Striving for In-depth examination of crucial issues.
  • Using cutting-edge academic research to inform discussions.
  • Drawing on insights from a broad range of perspectives and constituencies.
  • Slowing down to catch our breath amid complex and fraught discussions.

The core mission of the blog is unchanged: I aim to use academic research to drive positive change within and around the effective altruism movement. The search for reflective altruism can be conceived more broadly than this, and perhaps my focus will broaden in the future. But for now, I aim to keep the content and mission of the blog roughly as it was before.

Many thanks to those of you who provided valuable input and advice on the name change and the associated rebranding.

2. Looking ahead

As with many things in life, rebranding a blog is more difficult than it appeared at first sight. I need a new logo, and perhaps also a new domain. These changes take time, and they were slowing the rebranding process down unnecessarily.

So far, I have changed the name of this blog and the associated social media accounts. I’ll make other associated changes as quickly as I can, bearing in mind that I am not especially tech-savvy and have a full-time job. Hopefully there should be a minimum of disruption, hiccups and hassle for users. I will provide updates as necessary.

I look forward to this next step in the journey toward reflective altruism.





2 responses to “Meta: Reflective altruism”

  1. Wyman Kwok Avatar

    Hi David,

    It is clear to me that what you intend to do with this blog is very difficult. It requires not only an extraordinary quality of brain, but also an outstanding quality of heart. Hope the world would be a better place because of your contribution. Thanks for the effort!

    1. David Thorstad Avatar

      Aww, thanks Wyman!

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