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  • Belonging (Part 4: TIME’s up?)

    Belonging (Part 4: TIME’s up?)

    A TIME magazine investigation alleges a “toxic culture of sexual harassment and abuse” within effective altruism. I look at the original article and the community’s subsequent reaction. Content warning: sexual harassment and abuse; racism; sexism.

  • Belonging (Part 3: Reform)

    Belonging (Part 3: Reform)

    Nick Bostrom’s email and subsequent apology have sparked fresh discussions about inclusion and belonging in effective altruism. Who is or can be an effective altruist? Whose voices will be heard? I discuss recent calls for reform and suggest tangible avenues for evidentially-supported improvement.

  • Belonging (Part 2: The tide may be  turning)

    Belonging (Part 2: The tide may be turning)

    How has the effective altruist community reacted to Bostrom’s email and apology? Initially, many reactions were not good, but there are signs of improvement. What might we hope for the future to bring, and how can we get there?

  • Belonging (Part 1: That Bostrom email)

    Belonging (Part 1: That Bostrom email)

    In a break from our scheduled programming, I take a look at an email that broke the internet. Warning: contains redacted slurs, unrepentant racism, sexism and profanity.